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Cybertips is Bermuda's source of information on internet safety and security, brought to you by the Cabinet Office and the Department of ICT Policy and Innovation.


Our aim is to provide practical tips, resources and information to users of the various technologies to get the most out of them by encouraging safe practices. Additionally, we want everyone to be on guard against online dangers, inappropriate content, potentially harmful behaviours and cyber-attacks.


The Cybertips team routinely visit schools, youth organizations and numerous community events. They have spoken to thousands of students, seniors, parents, educators and youth groups since 2007. They are here to empower Bermuda's residents with the knowledge and skills to use the technologies available to them in safe, secure and beneficial ways. 


The Cabinet Office and the Department of ICT Policy & Innovation partners with the Bermuda Police Service, the Child Safe Guarding Committee, Child & Family Services, The Internet Watch Foundation and a number of other organizations locally and internationally to bring the most up to date, innovative and media rich educational tools to Bermuda. 


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